How to get admission as international students

How to get admission as international students

Many people have asked us for how they could secure an international admission to various university of the world from their present localities.
We want to make it clear on the following steps on how to secure admission into international countries and also students visa as well.

I will divide this process into 3 different categories.

1. Undergraduate admission: if you finished your secondary school and wish to apply for undergraduate admissions, here is few step to it.
First, you need to get your transcript From your secondary school, after wards, you apply for the admission at the university of your choice. You need a credit in most of your secondary school courses and also pass your Final Secondary exams, then you need to pass an english test, either tofl or css, for foreign recognition. after that, then you will need to apply to the specific university of your choice, based on scholarship or not for an undergraduate program

2. Graduate admission: This is mainly for those who have completed a university study in their country and wish to advance their learning in there professional career. This has to do with masters degree, PhD and more. Applicants are to acquire their university transcript from their local university of learning to the international university for admission processing, apply, write their supposed entry exams and then  After which the University will reach you back on email on the status of your admission application.

3. Transfer admission: This is a university transfer of admission and completed courses of learning from ones local university to international one. You would need to get your transcript of the completed courses as well to the international university for admission processing, so you will continue your learning on the particular choice of program in  the international university your choose.

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Finally, most university successful admission comes with a student’s visa and working permit. So you would go to the embassy and process your visa for traveling. Most international countries allows students depending on the duration of your study.

Note: World Education Service (WES) is a standard education credentials evaluation organization that is generally accepted world wide, so you could send then your documents for evaluation and it will be rised to an international standard. Many international university only accepts documents from WES for admission processing for international students.

Here is a link to Wes for evaluation.

Feel free to ask your questions.

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