Steps to apply for scholarships

In my previous post, i talked of how to get admission as an international students, now am here to give a step by steps to apply for scholarships and get a scholarship of any kind.

I previously wrote on how to apply for scholarship, but right now,  We have to treat this issue of people applying wrongly to a scholarship they want.

First of all, You have to understand the scholarship you want, if you are still confused about how to find a perfect scholarship for your self, then you needs to read this page – how to apply for scholarship,

Step by step guides on how to apply and get a scholarship.

1. First of all, you need to know how to apply for an admission as an international student which we wrote about, read and understand very well how you could transfer your academic documents to your university of choice for admission.

Now coming to scholarship, completely it is far different from a university admission because scholarship is awarded to befitting students who qualify for it through their country of origin, their qualifications, their gender or by interest.

2. When you get to a scholarship that suites you right, and you are qualified for that particular scholarship, take your time to read and understand every single word in the scholarship application details

Now some scholarships needs you to follow a particular link down below the posts or the scholarship description in order to apply, while some other have an email address of the institution offering the scholarship, some others are just an address with a phone number of the institution offering the scholarship.

That s why you need to pay attention to read the posts clearly and understand the method of applications needed.

Now i will have to use a case study to prove the steps on how to apply for a scholarship, then wait for there feed back on your stand about the applied scholarships.

step one is shown in this pictures, and the selected scholarship is Eagle Touch Technologies scholarship 2019/20


here in the first picture, all you have to do is select a particular scholarship, you wish to apply.

since we have choose eagle touch, we clicked on it to read the details as shown in the next picture below. we read the details of a scholarships so we could affirm if we are qualified or eligible to apply for that scholarship.

we have to understand the criteria necessary before we could apply for a scholarship.

the next picture shows where to see the apply button, it s always found at the end of every scholarship post. take time and interest to find the apply link.

after clicking on the application link, it will take you to the official website of the organization, university or body offering the scholarship, where you will read more about the scholarship and apply as well.

you could see the official website of eagle touch limited meant for the scholarship, take a few step down and read through to the proper application form

here is just a summary of the scholarship details in the official website

then finally, you can contact the body offering the scholarship by writing to them.

ask any question if you feel  confused. and to apply to eagle touch scholarship, please click here

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12 thoughts on “Steps to apply for scholarships

  1. I’m Majier Samuel Malith Mach from South Sudan who is happy to pursue bachelor degree in Medicine through your help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

    1. Good,am from Kenya,a wish to secure a scholarship in economics and statistics,
      Did my kcse 2018,
      Am happy with the president Donald scholarships,
      Looking forward to your reply

  2. Am an Angola male aged 23, I recently completed my grade twelve academic in 2017 with an Examination number (1453360065), At Luansobe Secondary School in Zambia. I appreciate the president Donald Trump for giving us african students an opportunity to study aboard in USA, Therefore am very much interested to study aboard for a degree in Petroleum Engineering at the university mentioned above. However i will be very much greatful if my comment will be considered positively.
    Best Regards,
    Mathews Sambinja.

  3. Iam a Zimbabwean girl aged 19 i recently completed my a level and i got 11 points im really thankful to Donald triumph for giving us African students to study at USA. Im looking forward for a positive reply. Im interested to study in USA doing Law.

  4. I would be very glad to be selected as one of those to benefit from this unique opportunity. I am applying for this scholarship because my parents are are not financially strong to support me for my dream of quality learning to come to passed.

  5. Hello.I am Odhiambo Victor Otieno from Kenya aged 30 years.I recently completed my first degree in Education Arts at Mount Kenya University(BEDA/44590/2016) and would like to persue my masters degree in Education communication technology through this scholarship.Thank you Mr.President for the scholarship as I hope for the best.

  6. Am a Kenyan male aged 19, I completed my Grade 12 academic in the year 2017. I really really the president Donald Trump for giving us this opportunity as African students to study in USA. Am much interested to study abroad for a Diploma in Medical Engineering in your country. I will be grateful if you considered me as part of those will study in your country.
    Thanks in advance,
    Kipyegone Enock Cheruiyot.

  7. Thanks for this opportunities, and am so glad that i can be interested, and meet my future purposes. Am a Ugandan by nationality and i believe that i shall meet your eligibility. To my big concern is to how should i apply? if you can, send me a link and application form. thanks.

  8. Hi am a kenyan student who is interested in studying computer science, i am 34 years f age and have a degree in business information technology.Having a background in Information Technology i see the need for me to upgrade myself by being more conversant with technology

  9. pls i need the scholarship fully funded to study pharmacy am from a poor family.pls help me with the link.

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